Other Trumps

Other lithographs here

Georg Trump was a German typographer whose designs include the Trump Mediæval typeface (c. 1954). It’s mentioned here along with other typefaces that have fallen from popularity, or were never really popular. A piece in PrintMag provides more information:

Trump Medieval was mildly popular in the 1960s and 1970s among book designers and a few advertisers, but has fallen out of favor over the past several decades. This may be due to its confusing name which suggests it is a blackletter which it is not. Medieval has nothing to do with the Middle Ages. It is a German adjective describing roman typefaces that are dark in color like the oldstyle faces we associate with Venetian printers (such as Wendelin da Spira, Nicolas Jenson or Erhard Ratdolt) in the Incunabula period (1470–1500).

He fought in both World Wars, and lectured alongside Jan Tschichold whose self-proclaimed genius seems to have yielded some post-mortem fame. Tschichold popularized the Van de Graaf layout and published books on typography and graphic design.


More here.


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